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This unique event is connecting HR Tech Solution providers and corporate HR and Business leaders via a finely curated selection of thouth leader keynotes, masterclasses, and networking session so that you and your employees are not only well prepared but more importantly well equipped to deal with today’s challenges and face tomorrow with confidence – bringing you IDEAS with IMPACT.


29-30 September
8:30-18:30 CET

Research by Josh Bersin finds that we’re experiencing a major disruption of the $40 billion-plus HR technology market as companies move from “HR tech” to “work tech” and seek ways to improve employee experiences for all areas of work.

Driven by the pandemic, every company is reinventing the way people work, radically changing technology needs and expectations to meet our new reality. This disruption speaks to the emergence of a vocally employee-centric workplace.

In recent years the entire HR technology market has been shifting from systems of record to systems of design, which enables HR and IT departments to create flexible, AI-driven, productive experiences for employees in every role.

In the modern enterprise collaboration is one of the most critical aspect of success. Person-to-person communication and interactions are vital to business success—especially when people are working physically apart and work processes are rapidly changing. Companies need seamlessly integrated platforms to make employees productive, engaged, and happy throughout their career journeys.

To answer these mighty challenges, we created The HR Congress TechFest

The summit is structured in a way that enables participants to connect, engage, and get inspired about how smart HR Tech is able to enable critical problem-solving.

However, just like at an in-person conference, some of the best discussions happen in an unstructured way, therefore we have included several opportunities to engage through networking, round table discussions and lounge sessions to further discuss and connect with like-minded senior HR leaders from literally around the world.

So, we hope you can join us for two amazing days on 29-30 Sept to Connect, Engage, and Get Inspired.

Key Speakers

Julian Birkinshaw

Julian Birkinshaw

Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship BSc (Durham) MBA PhD (Western Ontario)
Gerard Penning

Gerard Penning

CHRO ABN Amro Bank
Temitope Sadiku

Temitope Sadiku

Global Head of Digital Employee Experience, The Kraft Heinz Company
Jeff Wald

Jeff Wald

HR Tech Enterpreneur, Author The End of Jobs: The Rise of On-Demand Workers and Agile Corporations
Manisha Singh

Manisha Singh

Vice President Employee Experience, Analytics and Digital HR, Astra Zeneca

Eric Plu

Eric Plu

VP Human Resources EMEA - Essity
Rob Gilder

Rob Gilder

Digital Talent Conversational AI Lead, EY
Sergio Caredda

Sergio Caredda

Chief People Officer, OVS S.p.A.
Arun Serikar

Arun Serikar

Director, Global HR Technology at Whirlpool Corporation
Chema Palomo

Chema Palomo

Human Resources Group Vice President - Global Talent Management, Talent Acquisition and D&I, Banco Santander

We announce new speakers every week, so make sure you check out our speakers’ page.

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What to expect?

The HR Congress TechFest, over 2 days and 30+ sessions will focus on some of these prominent topics:

THRIVE @ WORK – Employee Experience and Engagement

Employee experience matters. A lot.

A recent MIT study shows that top performers in employee experience gain a 200% advantage in customer satisfaction and innovation, and a 26% increase in profitability.

To understand people’s experiences, we need to understand their interactions across the organization. While listening sessions and surveys obtain useful feedback from employees, we need feedback data that gauges the quality of interactions and at a higher frequency.

During this session, we shall explore how to achieve a high level of people engagement through offering a superior human experience, that considers the individual and resonates with individual values at work (and beyond).

SAFE @ WORK – Wellbeing & Health, Psychological Safety

While HR, IT and overall organization processes have been able to cope with the current, unprecedented change bestowed upon us by the covid pandemic, it is now clear that the work- from-home era has a massive emotional toll on people.

Psychological safety hence has been among the top priorities of people centric organizations, However Psychological safety is not the given state within an organization or team. It is not something that is guaranteed in the workplace, but rather it is something we need to build and sustain.

During this track we shall explore some of the practices you can start immediately to begin building psychological safety and mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

ALIGNED @ WORK – Agility, Collaboration & Performance Management

Coronavirus has produced an acute need for organizational Agility, better collaboration and virtual teamwork. Now, as we are slowly adapting to the next norm, due to the increasingly flexible working patterns demand for remote collaboration and business agility will only increase in the long term. This new working reality also calls for urgently rebooting performance management.

The call to shift toward new ways of managing our people has steadily increased with the new demands of work and the changed expectations of employees.

During this track, we shall explore how to be agile and flexible to answer future challenges in addition to how we engage, develop and reward our people to drive performance in today’s dynamic world of collaborative work.

CARE @ WORK – Culture, Inclusion & Diversity, Employee Listening

Most companies understand that diversity and inclusion in the workplace is good for business performance and their people. In the last decade, many have invested heavily in “D&I” initiatives, including targeted recruitment campaigns, proactive sponsorship and flexible working.

Yet research shows that diversity initiatives do not automatically bring the anticipated benefits, largely because many organizations fail to create a culture in which diversity can thrive.

During this session we shall discuss and explore how we can create a culture the is perceived caring and inclusive by active listening, offering data-driven quantitative and qualitative feedback on what matters.

SKILLED @ WORK – Upskilling, Reskilling, Learning & Development

Even before the pandemic, organizations in every sector were struggling to attract, recruit and retain people with the skills needed to help them succeed in a digitized, automated, AI- driven world.

Now, as getting ready for new, flexible, hybrid working models, Adaptability, flexibility, and a commitment to lifelong learning will be vital, especially as companies and entire industries reposition themselves in a highly digital, data-driven new world.

During this track, we shall discuss how to ensure organizations and employees alike have the knowledge, skills, and capabilities needed to work effectively in a digitized, automated world so that the organization will stay relevant and future-ready.

GROW @ WORK– End-to-End Talent Management

The current pandemic has required organization to drastically rethink Talent Management, that is how they hire, onboard, build and manage their talent and leadership capabilities.

There is arguably no better time for organizations to get clear answers to the killer questions of talent management: What talent do we have? What talent do we need? And how do we fill the gaps? What leadership competencies do we need to successfully navigate our organization back to recovery and beyond?

During this track we aim to answer these questions and offer actionable ideas how rethinking talent management in today’s digital world will ensure organizational success.

ATTRACT @ WORK – Talent Sourcing, Recruiting, Internal Mobility

Innovative Talent Attraction, sourcing and recruiting strategies have evolved beyond the business of identifying talent pipelines and filling open positions.

Experience and information are transforming how we plan, build and execute talent acquisition across sectors, across companies and around the world. In addition, internal mobility is on the rise.

More and more organizationare looking at ‘skillsas new currency’and moving people aroundtheir specific skillset –a trend shifting from workforce to work-task planning. Increased engagement, lower costs and a shorter hiring process are afew of the benefits of the shift to internal mobility, but the biggest benefit may be improved retentionDuring this track we shall explore how recruitment is more agile than ever –taking into account both internalskills and external talent attraction opportunities to fulfill the organization’s talent needs.

INSIGHTS @ WORK – People Analytics & Intelligence

The world of work has changed massively in the last year and with that specifically how human resources departments do their jobs. While people analytics has been growing steadily in the past decade, during the pandemic the appetite for quality insights has become even more important in making strategic decisions.

So, How can HR play more of a leadership role, both in areas where we would expect them to, as well as providing more influence across other business areas?

One way is by providing business leaders with meaningful insights and recommendations.

Join this session to explore how HR can drive success through actionable intelligence.


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